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Our Hand Bags are the perfect fashion accessory, available in a plethora of designs.

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Stylish hand bags in high quality for a long time usage

Are you on the hunt for a new hand bag or can you not get enough of bags in your wardrobe? Then you are in the right place! In our assortment of handbags you will without a doubt find your new favorite bag to bring with you wherever you go. With our beautiful design you will not only receive a useful tool to store your belongings, you will also receive a stylish accessory to complement and enhance your outfit. It is said that you can tell someone's personality based on what bag they are wearing. We therefore want to help you express who you are. Which bag appeals to you? With inspiration from different types of styles and aesthetics, for example classic and elegant, bold and modern, sport and training or simplistic and sleek, you will find a great selection of bags from us at IDEAL OF SWEDEN.

With a great focus on trendy design and function, you are guaranteed to find a bag in our assortment that is beautiful and practical at the same time. The details on the bags are carefully selected to fulfill different functions. For example, we have handbags with chains attached across the bag that visually is a beautiful detail hanging in front of the bag but can very easily be transformed into a bag handle. Thanks to this, you can choose between having a crossbody bag and a top handle bag. Most of our bags also have exchangeable bags straps if you wish to remove or switch the bands for your bag. Due to this, you can easily switch the appearance of your bag to match your outfit. Many of our bag designs also have matching mini bags that you can attach to the bag. A few of our bags, such as our Nora Shoulder Bags, even include one of these mini bags. Furthermore, we have designed built-in card pockets in the majority of our bags so you will be able to store and keep your cards safe and secure. In our range of purses you can find models inspired by a traditional women´s bag and men’s bag as well as innovative trendy bags such as our Utility Belts. The best thing about our handbags is that everyone can wear them on every occasion. So which bag do you choose? Our assortment is ready to be explored by you today.