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Necklaces cases are crafted to carry your phone like luxurious fashion accessory.

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Have you ever been in a situation where your clothes don't have any pockets or no room to hold your phone? Then we have the perfect product for you, so you can once and for all say goodbye to unnecessary stress and welcome every fashion possibility. With our necklace cases, you get a trendy and smart hands-free solution that not only contributes to a nice-looking accessory for your outfit but also gives you the chance to always have your phone close by. Doesn't that sound super convenient?

In the product category necklace covers you'll find our covers with straps for your iPhone or Samsung phone. If you'd like to add on or switch out your strap you'll find more options under our bagstraps category. The straps have an easy clasp so you can easily remove it if you want to change your strap to another one or if you desire to use your phone without the strap. A necklace cover is the perfect choice if you like to vary the look of your accessories without any hurdles. Within our assortment of necklace cases, you'll find many variations of styles where some have added features such as AirPods pockets or hooks for your attachable minibags. This way you can choose the case that makes the most sense to your needs and wants.