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Necklaces cases are crafted to carry your phone like luxurious fashion accessory.

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Necklace Cases for your iPhone and Samsung phone, the modern solution

Have you ever been in a situation where your clothes do not have any pockets or space for you to store your phone? If so, we have a revolutionary product just for you so you can finally say goodbye to unnecessary struggle and welcome every fashion opportunity. With our Necklace Cases you will get a beautiful as well as functional handsfree option that not only will contribute as a cool accessory for your outfit but will give you the possibility to always have your phone an arm's length away. How perfect does not that sound?

In the product category for our Necklace Cases you will find both cases for your iPhone and Samsung phone as well as separate shoulder straps that you can choose to add and exchange if you wish to obtain a specific look or aesthetic for your outfit. The straps for the necklace case are easy to remove if you wish to only use the case in itself. This is thanks to the metal clasps we have added to every shoulder strap. The Necklace case is therefore perfect for you who likes to vary the look of your accessories whilst giving minimal effort. Note that you will of course always get a shoulder strap included when purchasing a Necklace Case. You can easily see which shoulder strap is included by viewing the product photo and packaging of the Necklace Case. Within the assortment of Neck Lace Cases you will find various styles as well as some functional modifications such as hidden pockets for your cards. Because of this you will be able to select the most compatible case to match your own needs. Choose a Necklace Case from our Statement Collection for more exclusive and luxurious cases, stylish and cool cases from our sports inspired Active Collection, traditional as well as trendy designs for a modern look or monochromatic cases for a classic and simple aesthetic. We want you to feel comfortable and motivated to dare and express who you are through your accessories. This is one of the reasons why we have thoughtfully chosen the designs for our products so they can empower and embrace your personal style and essence in your everyday life. Our assortment is ready for you to be explored today!