Sylvie Meis x iDeal Of Sweden

Join us behind the scenes of our new campaign with Sylvie Meis.


We're taking you behind the scenes of our latest Sylvie Meis x iDeal Of Sweden campaign! What’s more, we have an exclusive interview with Sylvie Meis about this stunning collection, her favourite picks from this collection and personal style insider.

Sylvie Meis is a successful entrepreneur, running her own fashion brand, as well as being an in-demand TV Personality in Germany, known for her impeccable fashion style.

The Sylvie Meis x iDeal Of Sweden collection includes the most exquisite quilted fashion accessory set and a sophisticated, eye-catching case design for your phone. The timeless quilted set includes a clutch to keep all your essentials in one place, an elegant and compact card holder, a Passport Cover and an everyday classic tassel keyring. This exciting collection comes in black and graceful dusty pink and as a whole, combines functional layouts and a timeless overall look.

The Everyday Icon Capsule Wardrobe is here

This collection is classic, timeless and versatile, perfect for everyday and special occasion, no matter the style you want to opt for and makes any style look so put together. The Sylvie Meis x iDeal Of Sweden collection will certainly make you look and feel confident, It’s all about bold, timeless designs and reaching your goals and ambitions that we embodied with this collection that never goes out of fashion.

A true force of power, Sylvie Meis shares her top tip for being successful and happy . She believes in fighting for your ideas, and believing in your goals and ambitions. As a businesswoman, Sylvie Meis’ approach to stay motivated is driven by her love and passion for fashion, lifestyle and creating.

Sylvie’s motto: “ Never give up. Believe in yourself. Be yourself!”

Sylvie Meis told us about her personal success comes from working hard, fighting for her opinion and ideas, and more importantly, perseverance. Even if it’s difficult, hard work always pays off in the end.


Let’s dive into this timeless collection together with Sylvie Meis, who shared her personal favourites from the collection and some exciting looks behind the scenes.


Sylvie describes her personal style as mix of classics combined with glamour. she loves to mix and match fashion and high street brands.
It's all about the staples pieces, when it comes to looking both stylish and professional, Sylvie reveals, her top style tip is to focus on staple piece accessories and essentials.

“No matter what style you pull off, this collection really makes any look feel timeless, elegant and put together.”

When it comes to style inspiration, Sylvie Meis takes inspiration from different style icons, for different occasions! Her personal fashion idols include Rosie Huntingtonfor for everyday looks, Jennifer Lopez for her glamour and make-up, and Kylie Minogue for her confidence and strength.

Despite being busy and constantly on the go, Sylvie Meis absolutely swears by having a good balance between work and time off to relax. “To reach your goals and stay driven, happiness is a must!”

The best way to relax for Sylvie Meis is by spending quality time with her son at home, to unwind and recharge. For everyday icons and busy on the go lifestyles, this collection makes it easy to look effortlessly chic without having to put too much effort into it for any occasion. Link to the collection xxx