Hailee Lautenbach X iDeal Of Sweden

Innovative, playful, and fashionable design – iDeal Of Sweden’s new collaboration with LA-based influencer Hailee Lautenbach is here.

Hailee, also known as Haileebobailee, is a well-known influencer, actress, and model, who has made a name for herself on Instagram. Her open, unfiltered life combined with the positive, “can do” attitude has attracted a large number of followers. Hailee’s feed is colorful, varied and above all, personal. Just like she intended it to be.

Hailee’s collection for iDeal Of Sweden reflects her own taste and style: the collection has a clear focus on colors, design and the latest trends. A case from the Hailee Lautenbach X iDeal Of Sweden collection will definitely elevate your look and take it to the next level.

Striped Roses

Large, eye-catching flowers are one of the season's main patterns. The case "Striped Roses" combines the latest trends by focusing on decorative, red roses and timeless, black and white stripes. The unexpected combination of latest trends and timeless patterns gives this case both feeling and character. Match the case with light denim and a crisp white shirt for a clean summer look or step up your style game with a pattern mix and pair it with a dress or a jumpsuit with a flower pattern!

Hand Drawn

There is no doubt that the 80's and 90's were huge in both fashion and interior: playful prints, pastels, and black details have made a comeback and are hotter than ever. "Hand Drawn" combines the main trends from these decades with elements from the art world. This case works as well with the light hues of the summer season as it does with an all-black outfit and, therefore, fits almost any style.

All Eyes On Me

Prints with a clear focus on eyes have been recurring within fashion and lifestyle details during the past years and it is something that will never go out of style. "All eyes on me" takes the eye prints to the next level with its new take on shapes, colors, and design. The beautifully drawn eyes against a white backdrop are accompanied by little hearts in cerise that picks up the color of the eyelids which creates a tasteful overall impression. The simple and stylish design works with the entire summer color palette.

Hailee Lautenbach

iDeal Of Sweden took the opportunity to ask the multi-talented Hailee Lautenbach how she manages to be so successful on Instagram while balancing her energetic life with so many simultaneous projects, as well as how she came up with the designs for her new collection.

Hailee, who is of Dutch descent, was born in Portland, USA but moved to Los Angeles when she was 18 years old to work as a model. Instagram, however, entered her life long before that, and she created an account early. Hailee initially started an account to keep up with her friends and to get inspiration. However, she quickly shifted focus, and instead became a source of inspiration herself.

At first, Hailee was teased by her classmates and friends for creating an Instagram account so early and sharing her profile with others. However, she decided to ignore this and follow her heart; her great interest in social media, combined with her business sense, made her quickly realize what her followers wanted and the gap that needed filled, and the success was a fact.

Hailee believes that the key to her success on Instagram lies in daring to be open and honest with the ups and downs of life; she doesn’t filter everything, but shows life as it really is. For Hailee, it’s natural to be open and honest and to share everything. Of course, it’s not a bad thing that she, as she describes it, is a somewhat crazy person full of energy, because it makes a lot happen in her life.

Of course, working as a full-time influencer, combined with modeling and acting, takes up a lot of time. In order to keep up with everything, Hailee knows it’s important to organize her life well. She follows a schedule and begins each morning with a walk and a coffee in the park. During this time, she goes through everything she needs to do during the day. She then writes everything down on a whiteboard on her door. “I like to visualize my projects and what I do—if it’s only digital, it’s somehow not real, and therefore I’m writing everything on the board,” she explains.

In addition to her daily routine, Hailee also makes sure to meditate and do different kinds of mindfulness exercises to practice breathing and feel good overall. She believes that the key is positive energy, which is why she always focuses on the positive, and communicates this in both thought and action.

Hailee strongly believes in always going your own way and to never apologize for being you. The fact that she always goes her own way is evident in her collection in conjunction with iDeal Of Sweden. The first time Hailee came in contact with iDeal was during a brunch in Los Angeles. She admits that she never really cared about phone cases before, but that she really likes iDeal Of Sweden’s designs, because they feel genuine and cool without trying too hard.

Hailee has found the inspiration for her collection in trendy Los Angeles by observing street style trends in the city. Hailee describes the style in LA as very 90s and relaxed, where a typical outfit consists of sneakers, jeans, a tank top and big earrings. The Hand Drawn case is inspired by the movies and art of that decade. The case consists of a beautiful color mix of pastel yellow and pink with elements of gold and turquoise infused.

Striped Roses, on the other hand, is more elegant, and as the name suggests, it consists of beautiful red roses against a black and white striped background. This case is also inspired by the trends of Los Angeles, where roses are very trendy. Hailee notes that, against the striped background, the case becomes more elegant.

The design of All Eyes On Me is a new take on the trend with eye prints that have been popular lately. The case is inspired by make-up, especially eyeshadows and tutorials. Hailee also believes that eyes are the most important part of a human being. The white background makes the case feel stylish, while at the same time it expresses a playfulness with the illustrated eyes and heart.


”March to your own drum and never apologize for being you.”

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